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MYC's Inaugural Year (1969)

G. Porter / K.Bruce  | Published on 4/23/2019

An Interesting History Bit from MYC’s inaugural year: 

Did you know that all the waters of Apra Harbor were restricted in 1969?  The first MYC sailing events were held in Merizo and Umatac.  Thanks to Admiral Cole and others, use of the outer harbor was opened for sailing activities.  


There were attempts with the Navy to agree on one of 4 desirable harbor sites, but no resolution came forth.  Proteus Yacht Club hosted MYC for activities during this time.  Through the efforts of GEDA and Mobil Oil, Mobil manager Howard Logan, Mobil offered a location on Cabras Island for $1 a year. MYC continued this arrangement up through 1989, when the club moved to its present site on Sasa Bay.

MYC - The Early Years (1969-19xx)